How-to Install VMware Player / Workstation on 2.6.25 Kernel

Update: Looking for 2.6.26 howto – here you go !

After the successful How-to install VMware Player and Workstation on 2.6.24 Linux kernel and with 2.6.25 up and running on my Debian Unstable (Sid) I had no option but to update the procedure.

  1. Download latest and greatest products from VMware
  2. Install and patch as described in the previous post (use vmware-any-any-update-116.tgz)
  3. Download the vmware-any-any-update-117-very-ALPHA.tgz
  4. Extract the archive in /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source (or wherever are yours vmblock.tar, vmmon.tar, vmnet.tar)
  5. Run and then
  6. If compiles – have fun, if not drop me a line :)

Important notes:

  1. The original author of the patches is 6xx I have modified the vmmon.patch since otherwise I was getting the error at the bottom of the article. The original patches can be found here
  2. is a very dumb script – read it carefully before executing. It will be even better to paste the commands one by one
  3. This any-any patch has nothing to do with the original any-any patches by Petr therefor I do not want to take the credit for it. All I’m trying to achieve is to gather the Linux VMware community here and share ideas. If someone wants to help and make the patches more unified and smarter just drop me a mail (can be found on the home page)
  4. I take no responsibility for any problems or damage that may
    occur as a result of using any of the information contained in this article.
    Use the information at your own risk ;)

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