Install KDE4 on Debian Unstable (Sid)


With KDE 4.1 kicking the traffic to this page has increased dramatically. So for installing KDE 4.1 on Debian unstable you have to generally follow the same instructions (add expreimental repository to your sources.list)

More instructions on the Debian KDE Team website

Today I tried the new KDE4 on my Debian Sid distribution and decided it is still not usable for everyday desktop environment. After the full of dependency issues installation I ended up with piles of software removed and yes running KDE4.


  • works noticeably faster
  • cool effects
  • gadgets(widgets)
  • totally new experience – live previews, funky menu, new icons and theme
  • new multimedia engines


  • Some effects bugs
  • not compatible with some old programs – at least were uninstalled while installing KDE4

For now I will not update my main copy of Debian Unstable

Anyway short how-to if you still decide to try it yourself:

  1. Backup everything – I personally copied my whole Debian partition to another one and installed there.
  2. Remove all KDE and Compiz packages that are already installed otherwise you will have plenty of dependencies problems and apt shouting various errors.
  3. Add

    to your /etc/apt/sources.list