Firebug / Web Developer Toolbar Alternative for Safari

Most of the recent projects I’m working on have requirement to support Safari (under Windows, OS X and iPhone) which unfortunately has some strange rendering biases.

After couple of hours googling around I found the solution and strangely enough it is build in Safari.  It is the so called Web Inspector which in terms of functionality and look is very close to Firebug (with no live editing capabilities) but with quite good net profiler.

However to enable it you have to add couple of lines in one xml file (instructions taken from the Webkit’s site see link bellow):

On Windows, you’ll have make sure that the following lines are in your preferences file at the location

C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\Apple Computer\Safari\WebKitPreferences.plist

(where <USERNAME> should be your Windows user name):


For more information and details check the Web Inspector page

Happy debugging!