Adobe Illustrator CS3 Exception

There is one really nasty bug in Adobe Illustrator CS3 which manifests when trying to save a file. Everytime I tried this operation I was receiving an error telling me that Illustrator.exe has thrown exception and suggesting me to use debugger. After trying lots of stuff including installing all updates from Adobe I found the reason – my Print Spooler Service was configured to start manually and therefor not running.

So in summary: if you plan to save files from Adobe Illustrator CS3 keep your Print Spooler service running.

One Reply to “Adobe Illustrator CS3 Exception”

  1. Funny they need the printer spooler when saving files. Although I can think of some nice ways to save for saving/printing vector graphics when you use your pseude printer filter :). Whatever, not going to spam this blog with programming stuff. But who the fsck will stop his printer spooler ;)

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