How-to Install VMware Player / Workstation on 2.6.26 Kernel

Following the series about VMware troublesome installation here is a short tip for having VMware Player or Workstation up and running on your linux box.

  1. Download latest patch from the Google VMKernelNewbies Group (currently 117d)
  2. Extract it to some tmp directory
  3. Execute

It could not get any easier than this (well maybe VMware can update more often)

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9 Responses to “How-to Install VMware Player / Workstation on 2.6.26 Kernel”

  1. Peter Nicholls Says:

    hi there

    i get an error: unable to open the installer database /etc/vmware/locations in read-mode.

    what does this mean and how do i solve it?


  2. Peter Says:

    I have never run onto such error but here you can find some suggestions:

  3. Dario Says:

    Thanks a lot, its runs

  4. Wayne Whitney Says:

    The 1.17d patch seems to only work for Workstation 6, does anyone have a solution for Workstation 5.5? With a WS 5.5, I get a version mismatch on vmmon, expected 138 got 168.

    Cheers, Wayne

  5. Stephan Wissel Says:

    You would run the patch after a regular VMWare install or on a clean system?

  6. Peter Says:

    @Stephan – If you have installed any VMware products than you do not need the patch. If the installation fails then run the patch and try installing again (however you should try installing first with no patch)

  7. Thierry Says:

    for WS5 have a look at, works for me

  8. UNF Says:

    hi, I hope somebody can help me with this problem

    I am stuck trying to install VMware-Workstation-6.5.0-118166.x86_64.bundle
    on Ubuntu 8.10 x64 kernel 2.26-7

    When I ran it the installer started and rolled through to about 60% finished, then suddenly reversed out again, giving only the uninformative err msg: “Installation failed”

    I then found this page and tried to install the any-any-117d but got the following:

    ~/vmware-any-any-update117d$ sudo chmod a+x
    ~/vmware-any-any-update117d$ sudo ./
    Unable to open the installer database /etc/vmware/locations in read-mode.

    Execution aborted.

    when I check /etc/vmware/ it is empty, except for one ‘config’ file which only contains .encoding = “UTF-8”

    so here are my questions:

    Q1. Is there a VMlog where I can see exactly what went wrong during the install?

    Q2. Is there any particular distro/kernel this VMware version is known to work/not work for?

    Q3. Which prerequisite packages need to be installed before this VMware can load/compile?

    any assistance appreciated, thanks !

  9. foxi Says:

    Thank you!