11 Replies to “IE6 Image WhiteSpace Bug”

  1. Surely an unnerving bug, but it can be worked around with a simpler solution than this one. If, for example, we have an image that sits in a table or a div, that it is not supposed to stretch vertically, you can just add the simple CSS rule like that:

    #holder_id img {

    This won’t do if you have an image surrounded by text, because the text wouldn’t flow around the image. But in this case, I guess, you can put up with a little extra space below.

  2. omg thank you so much! I was playing around Adobe’s browser lab trying to fix this issue for a good hour! and so all of a sudden i had the idea, “hey ill google ‘extra padding image ie6’ and i came across your blog post.” thanks so much for sharing

  3. This is awesome and so simple! You have no idea how long I have been searching for the answer to this bug. Most fixes recommended had no effect. Thank you!

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