Adobe Illustrator CS3 Exception

There is one really nasty bug in Adobe Illustrator CS3 which manifests when trying to save a file. Everytime I tried this operation I was receiving an error telling me that Illustrator.exe has thrown exception and suggesting me to use debugger. After trying lots of stuff including installing all updates from Adobe I found the reason – my Print Spooler Service was configured to start manually and therefor not running.

So in summary: if you plan to save files from Adobe Illustrator CS3 keep your Print Spooler service running.

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One Response to “Adobe Illustrator CS3 Exception”

  1. ___Jul___ Says:

    Funny they need the printer spooler when saving files. Although I can think of some nice ways to save for saving/printing vector graphics when you use your pseude printer filter :). Whatever, not going to spam this blog with programming stuff. But who the fsck will stop his printer spooler ;)