DIY Laptop Optical Drive Bay HDD Caddy

One easy way for boosting your laptop performance is to get a SSD drive. Unfortunately they are still quite small (in terms of capacity) compared to the traditional HDDs. So to get the best of both worlds I needed a way to fit both drives in my laptop. The operation consisted of finding an old DVD ROM and proper cable, getting rid of the dvd’s internals, fixing the cable and hdd onto the metal case.

Sorry for the crappy photos.

Seagate 7200.11 BSY State Data Recovery

One not-so-beautiful morning I woke up just to find out that my Seagate 7200.11 500GB hard drive is not detected from my BIOS. Unfortunately it was a well know problem which have three solutions:

  1. Replace the hard drive with new one from where you got it and lose your data
  2. Send it to Seagate for data recovery and wait a month or more
  3. Fix (or totally screw) it yourself

Of course as some-kind of geek I chose the last option and successfully repaired my drive following the MSFN forums guide. Check the photos for more details of the process.


  1. If you have Seagate 7200.11 be sure to  check if it is affected and if is still running flash it with the latest firmware
  2. If you are planning to repair it yourself be sure to know how to solder
  3. You will need quite a few parts and tools. It took me two days to prepare
  4. Most of the cellphone cables have what you need inside. I used a Nokia datacable.

PS: I’m NOT responsible for any damage or data loss you might experience

PS2 (in Bulgarian): Ако ви трябва помощ при възстановяване на данни от 500/750/1000GB хард диск Seagate 7200.11, който не се появява в БИОС-а или е с размер 0, драснете ми едно писъмце и ще се опитам да помогна.


It’s been quite a while from my last post but I have not been losing my time in this period.


After some unfortunate events the company I was working for just disappeared and many good people were left on the street. Beside the obvious issue with the lack of incomes finally I could start working with technologies that were not so quite popular among my previous employers.  As a result of this I started digging into Adobe Flex development, Papervision3d library, Box2D Actionscript Physics engine and other interesting stuff.

Recently  I  launched my personal website at and received quite good responses from the community. There are couple of things that need fixing and of course looking from my current point of view it could have been done a lot better, however I’m quite happy with the result. You also might notice that this blog has updated look and feel to match the whole theme.


For now I want to try freelancing for a while so I can receive some income and still be able to gain new knowledge that is not restricted from my employer.

Also expect many new post with information about the issues I had during building the website, I think it will be worth since Papervision3d still lacks of good tutorials and resources.

Happy holidays

Metallica Live in Sofia (2008 Bulgaria)

Usually I don’t blog much about non-technical daily stuff but this is something that changed the world for more than 50 000 people.

1. Entrance – Entering the Stadium was as always adventure. After passing the first check point we turned the wrong direction and went round the whole stadium. Because of this at the end we were stuck in big mass of people which slowed us down with a hour and a half. We missed both Down and Sword but happily arrived around 8:40 early enough not to miss anything from Metallica.

2. Spot – The spot we occupied was great – 20m from the stage a bit to the left (generally heading the most left microphone) with great view and…

3. Sound – With the very first song I was amazed. There are many comments for bad sound but where we were – it was PERFECT. Not moving my pants from the sound waves but quite clear. I had never attended a concert with such good sound quality.

4. Track list – Just great. No new crap only head banging classics –

Creeping Death, Fuel, Ride The Lightning, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Leper Messiah, …And Justice For All, Wherever I May Roam, Fade To Black, Master Of Puppets, Motorbreath(muutafrat ….), Nothing Else Matters, Sad But True, One, Enter Sandman, Last Caress, Stone Cold Crazy, Seek And Destroy (Sucheeen seek and distroy oi oi oi)

5. Crowd – I believe we were insanly good. Everyone was shouting and singing on all songs and with the stadium totally full I hope Metallica will remember Bulgaria for quite long

6. Pyro – There were great flames and pyro that heated up the close to the stage people.

7. Metallica – great performance (hey James stop spitting you almost hit me), great musicians, great attitude – Thanks for the Flag at the end

Can not wish for something more (heh except next year again – Lars you promised)!

Downtime due to WordPress 2.5 high CPU usage

Sorry for the downtime guys. I have reached my CPU usage limit due to turning on automatic database backup feature in WordPress (or something else – not quite sure).

Lets hope from now on everything will be ok.


With my blog suspended for second time I got really pissed and investigated the reasons. My previous believes about buggy pluggins was not correct and with little googling I found out that WordPress 2.5.x has some serious problem with CPU usage. As I examined my load logs it is obvious that the PHP process is using more than 5 times as previous versions.

The solution is either to install WP Super Cache or to downgrade to the previous version before 2.5.

Javascript 2.0 is Coming

Jeremy Martin has done a great review of the upcoming Javascript 2.0. His article points out the major changes including:

  • Introduction of classes, interfaces and primitives ( OOP –  yeee)
  • Strict mode with compile time type checking
  • Namespaces
  • Many other…

The list of changes looks great to me, the only thing that still bothers me is the possibility of inconsistent implementation in the major browsers.

For more info checkout the full article.

TCM Stores (TCM Magazini)

Реших да си купувам менте скоростомер (велокомпютър както му викат) от ТСМ магазините. Нали ги знаете тези, който уж продават “Немски Стоки” (made in Taiwan) на луди цени. Дотук добре ама Гугъл не обажда къде да ги намериш тези магазини. Има разни дискусии, разни сайтове, но нищо смислено. Качих се на колелото и потърсих малко по-сериозно и това намерих:

  1. На Графа – точно срещу пазарчето преди Славейков в посока към Алабин
  2. На “Цар Шишман” – пак от същото пазарче ама перпендикулярно на Графа, малко преди отбивката за Билкова
  3. Отзад зад Халите (не “Пиротска”, ами следващата пряка в посока Централна Автогара)
  4. На бул. “Черни Връх” – от НДК на горе, дясната страна. Горе долу където излиза “Джеймс Баучер” – мисля, че и там имаше някакво пазарче.

Така и не си намерих скоростомер. Ако някой знае къде има да свирка.

пс1: намерих някакъв сайт, но няма адреси няма нищо (и един дизайн ще им дойде добре) –

пс2: ако някой може да каже точни адреси с удоволствие ще ги включа в списъка.

For non-bulgarian readers:

This post is about directions to stores which are hard to find.

Xedunism is Alive – My Second WordPress Theme

Finally this blog has some decent look. After 2-3 days of coding xhtml/css and playing around with the few graphical elements this theme went public under the name Xedunism – Cheerz! I know it is not very colorful but I wanted a nice, clean and easy to read layout. I hope you like it and if you have any comments please drop me a line :)

Legal stuff:

There are still bits and pieces from Kubrick Theme so –

Floral element (top right) comes from –

RSS Icons are from the Oxygen Icon Theme –

If there are any licenses i have broke please contact me and i will take the needed measures.


Adobe Illustrator CS3 Exception

There is one really nasty bug in Adobe Illustrator CS3 which manifests when trying to save a file. Everytime I tried this operation I was receiving an error telling me that Illustrator.exe has thrown exception and suggesting me to use debugger. After trying lots of stuff including installing all updates from Adobe I found the reason – my Print Spooler Service was configured to start manually and therefor not running.

So in summary: if you plan to save files from Adobe Illustrator CS3 keep your Print Spooler service running.